2015 Shire of York Election Results

Please be advised of the following reults for the 2015 Shire of York Local Government Elections

1: Denese Smythe - Elected - 544 Votes

2: Heather Saint - Elected - 382 Votes

3: Pam Heaton - Elected - 381 Votes

4: Jane Ferro - Elected - 307 Votes

5: Trevor Randell - Elected - 284 Votes 

Unsuccessful Candidates:

Patrick Flynn - 276 Votes

James Plumridge - 260 Votes

Tricia Walters - 212 Votes

Robert Forster - 208 Votes

2015 Shire of York Election Nominees

The Shire of York will have an election on 17 October 2015 to elect five members to fill the vacancies created by the expiry of term for two positions, resignation of two positions and the fifth being the creation of a seat to increase the number of electeed members to seven.

The Election will be conducted as 'Voting in Person' with polling booths to be located as follows:

  • Talbot Hall from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Greenhills Hall from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • York Shire Office from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Early voting will be open on Wednesday 16 September 2015 at the Shire Office and remain open up until 4:00 pm on Friday 16 October 2015.

Postal voting papers may be applied for at the Shire Office and the Returning Officer will send out the voting papers to the applicant.

The format after the close of the polling booths is for the Returning Officer (Mr David Payne) to supervise the count which will take place in the Shire Office. The results will be declared at the conclusion of the count.

Nine (9) candidates have nominated and their profile statements are listed in ballot paper order below.

1: Pam Heaton - Candidate profile

2: Heather Saint - Candidate profile

3: Denese Smythe - Candidate profile

4: Trevor Randell - Candidate profile

5: Robert Forster - Candidate profile

6: Jane Ferro - Candidate profile

7: Patrick Flynn - Candidate profile

8: James Plumridge - Candidate profile

9: Tricia Walters - Candidate profile

Close of enrolments

You may be eligible to be enrolled to vote in Local Government elections on 17 October 2015 if you live in  or are an owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of York.


You are automatically enrolled to vote if you are on the State Electoral Roll as at 5:00pm Friday, 28 August 2015. If you are not already on the State Electoral Roll and meet the elegibility criteria, or if you have changed your address recently, you must complete an enrolment form.


If you are a non-resident owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of York and are on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll, you are eligible to enrol to vote. If you are not on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll and own or occupy rateable property in the Shire of York you may be eligible to enrol to vote.This applies if you were on the last electoral roll for the Shire of York for the Shire of York prior to May 1996 and have owned or occupied rateable property in the district continually since this time. Please contact the Shire of York for details. Owners of land who were on the last Local Government roll continue to retain that status until they cease to own rateable property to which the enrolment relates. Occupiers do not have continuous enrolment and should contact the Shire of York to confirm their enrolment status. To be eligible to enrol as an occupier, you will need to have a right of continuous occupation under a lease, tenancy agreement or other legal instrument for at least the next three months following the date of the application to enrol.


If a rateable property is owned or occupied by more than two people, a majority of the owners/ occupiers may nominate two persons from amongst themselves who are on either the State or Commonwealth Electoral roll, to enrol as owner/ occupier electors.


A body corporate that owns or occupies rateable property may nominate two people who are on either the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll  to enrol as owner/ occupier electors.


Enrolment forms can be obtained from the Shire of York and must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer by 5:00 PM Friday 28 August 2015.

Who Can Vote?

Residents who are on the Federal/State roll for a property within the Shire of York electorate are automatically enrolled for a Council election.

  • All other land owners registered on the Federal/State roll but who reside out of the York Shire need to register by completing an enrolment eligibility application form (Form 2).
  • If your property is registered in a company name and you need to register a nominee for that company, please contact the Administration Office for more details.

WA Electoral Commission

The WA Electoral Commission (WAEC) is responsible for the conduct in Western Australia of:

  • State Elections & Referenda
  • Local Government Postal Elections & Referenda
  • Industrial and Other Elections & Referenda

Most election related information is availble on the following link www.elections.wa.gov.au

The Western Australian Electoral Commission also maintains the electoral roll for use in State and Local Government Elections.