Town Planning

Town planning coordinates land use and development by balancing economic, social and environment issues. Planning policies, schemes and other statutory processes guide decisions that shape and focus on quality of life for the community. 

The York Local Planning Strategy and the York Town Planning Scheme No. 2 are the two main documents that guide development in the Shire. 

Planning approval is generally required prior to the use of land or construction of a building. In most cases a change of use also requires planning approval.  A Building Licence is also required for construction works. 

If your property is heritage listed or within a heritage precinct, then all works require planning approval and a building licence.  Council’s Planning staff can assist landowners and developers through the application process.

The Planning framework is governed by the Shire of York Local Planning Strategy while the local planning legislation is contained in the Shire of York Town Planning Scheme No.2.

Before commencing any development on land within the Shire, landowners and applicants are advised to contact the Shire's Planning Department on: 9641 2233 to arrange for an appointment to discuss their proposal. The Planning Department staff will be happy to assist landowners to determine whether formal applications are required and how they can guide the applicant through the process.


Contact Carly Rundle
Phone (08) 9641 2233

Introduction To Western Australian Planning System

Introduction to the Western Australian Planning System

Published by the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Department of Planning.

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Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of York at its Ordinary Meeting held on 28 November 2016 has resolved to initiate the abovementioned planning scheme amendment. The proposal involves amending Town Planning Scheme No. 2 by:

Amending Scheme text in the table under Schedule 3 – Special Use Zone. 7 under the column headings of Special Use and Conditions columns. Special Use Zone No. 7 applies to Lots 1 and 2 (Hse 18) Panmure Road, York (Laurelville Manor) and the amendment proposes to introduce a number of additional land uses that may be able to be considered on the site including, but not limited to ‘Restaurant’, ‘Tourist Development’, ‘Ancillary Tourist Use’, ‘Shop’ and amending associated conditions; and

Inserting the definition of ‘Tourist Development’ in Schedule 1 – Interpretations.
A full version of the proposed amendment can be found in page 4 of the Scheme Amendment documentation. The documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment are available for viewing as listed below.

Scheme Amendment Application

Council Resolution

Submission Form

Submissions on the Scheme Amendment may be made in writing and should include the amendment number, the property affected and details of the submission, and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of York, PO Box 22, York WA 6302 on or before 4.00pm on 24th February 2017.