Published: Monday, 29 April 2019 at 12:56:09 PM

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Council provides Green Waste and Bulk Waste Collection for residential properties within the town site boundary, in May each year. Please do not place your bulk waste out until the weekend prior to your collection date. This constitutes littering and is liable to incur a penalty.

Collection will occur during the following three days of your collection date.

• May 6-10 General Junk - East of the river

• May 13-17 Green Waste - East of the river

• May 20-24 General Junk - West of the river

• May 27-31 Green Waste - West of the river.

General junk and green waste is to be collected separately this year so please help the crew by creating two piles on your verge. Waste longer than 1.5 m will not be collected (it doesn’t fit in the truck) and no bagged green waste (as it has to be manually emptied from the bag).

Please place bulk waste NEATLY on the street verge, similar waste to be grouped together, e.g. green waste, furniture/timber for recycling purposes etc. Do not obstruct your normal bin service or footpath and remove fridge doors and drain oil from machinery parts. No items or waste will be collected outside of these dates.

Council WILL remove:

Garden & green waste (max length 1.5m);
Old furniture;
Stoves & refrigerators and other white goods. Note - doors must be removed;
Car parts. Note - parts must be drained of all fluids;
General household items, max length 1.5m;
Metal, wire, etc;

Council WILL NOT Remove:

Building materials, i.e. bricks, rubble, sand, etc;
Asbestos & Cement products;
Renovation & demolition waste;
Tyres & batteries;
Hazardous chemicals, paint, etc;
Metal or plastic chemical drums or Car bodies;

For further information, please contact Sharla Simunov, Technical Services Officer on 9641 0500 or records@york.wa.gov.au


Paul Martin


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