Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Published: Monday, 16 March 2020 at 4:46:00 PM

Development of the Coronavirus  (COVID-19) continues to evolve and the Shire of York is keeping up to date with the latest Department of Health requirements and guidelines so that the services provided to the community are up to date and in line with those guidelines.

The most current advice from the Department of Health on public interactions/gatherings is currently:

  • Public meetings/gatherings are currently acceptable up to a maximum of 500 people
  • Practice social distancing to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases
  • Good personal hygiene especially hand and sneeze/cough hygiene
  • Minimising potential exposure to COVID-19 is important

As of 12.00am 16 March (AEST) all people returning from international travel must self-isolate for 14 days after the date of return to Australia. Self-isolation does not apply to other members of the household who have not travelled overseas.

If you are able, we recommend that you contact the Shire by online resources, email or telephone rather than direct contact.

The Shire will continue to update the community as this health issue unfolds and review our service delivery to maintain business continuity,  and ensure that the best health practices are in place for the continued provision of services to the community.

The Shire will continue to take direction on this constantly changing situation from the Department of Health and advise the community accordingly.

To find out the latest information about the Coronavirus, we direct you to the following website:

For more info, please email: or phone: (08) 9641 2233



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