COVID-19: Impact to Shire services

Published on Monday, 21 March 2022 at 1:54:18 PM

Two members of the Shire’s Town Maintenance and Roads teams have tested positive to Covid-19.  All close contacts have been identified, notified and are now in self-isolation.

Both teams will be short staffed whilst the isolation occurs, and this will have the following impact on services:

  • Road construction work on Waterfall Road is likely to take longer than expected. Work was originally expected to be finished at the end of this week but may now extend to next week.
  • Town maintenance will have a reduced level of service this week. This may impact the following areas:
    • Reactive maintenance and action requests. We will have a reduced capacity to respond to non-essential requests. Response times will likely be longer than usual.
    • General cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of the town. We will have a reduced capacity to undertake our usual scheduled works.
  • Out of hours emergency response. We have a reduced capacity to response to our out of hours emergency requests.

Disruption will be ongoing until staff members complete the isolation period and return a negative test.  However, the situation is constantly changing and evolving, and we will update the community as appropriate.


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