Firebreak Reminder

Published on Monday, 5 October 2020 at 1:11:04 PM


On or before 25th October each year Shire of York residents MUST take firebreak precautions and these must be maintained up to and including 14th April of the following year.

Please note that Council will not be issuing reminder notices or warnings like it has in the past. (A $250 Penalty Applies)

The purpose is to stop fires from spreading, to allow entry for fire fighting vehicles and to provide a break from which a control line can be lit.

If a firebreak is impractical along your boundary for environmental or other reasons, apply to the Shire of York by the extended date of 10th October to request permission for firebreaks in alternative positions or of a different nature.

If you are unsure what is required for you property, please refer to the Shire of York's information brochure here.

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