Notice of 2020/21 Annual Report and Annual Electors Meeting

Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 10:05:25 AM

In accordance with Sections 5.27, 5.29, 5.55 and 5.55A of the Local Government Act 1995, notice is hereby given for the availability of the Shire of York’s 2020/21 Annual Report.

Copies of the Annual Report can be accessed from the Shire’s website and in hard copy from the Shire Administration Office during normal business hours.

The Annual Electors Meeting will be held on:

Date:              Tuesday 15 March 2022

Time:              6.00pm

Place:              Lesser Hall, York Town Hall, York 

The order of business for the meeting will be to accept the 2020/21 Annual Report and any other general business.

The Annual Electors Meeting is an opportunity for Council to present the 2020/21 Annual Report and for members of the public to ask any questions about the Report and Shire activities for the previous financial year. 

To ensure the most accurate and informed responses can be provided to your questions, please submit your question(s) in writing prior to the meeting.  Questions can be emailed to, posted to PO Box 22, York WA 6302 or hand delivered to the Shire Administration Office at 1 Joaquina Street, York.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Electors Meeting.

Chris Linnell


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