Notice of Special Electors Meeting

Published on Thursday, 24 March 2022 at 10:35:51 AM

A Special Meeting of Electors (the Meeting) of the Shire of York will be held at the Town Hall, Cnr Avon Terrace & Joaquina Street, York commencing at 5.30pm on Tuesday 12 April 2022 to consider a request signed by 165 electors to discuss the following:

  1. The effect of mandatory vaccination on electors, ratepayers, residents and business in the district;
  2. The effect of mandatory vaccination on the local government’s affairs and the performance of the local government’s functions; and
  3. Motions to be voted on for an advocacy position against mandatory vaccination for the Council to consider adopting to provide leadership and guidance to the community in the district.

Electors and ratepayers are invited to attend. Registration will be available from 5.00pm.

Councillors and staff welcome your questions regarding the Notice of Meeting. To enable any questions to be answered at the Meeting, questions are to be submitted on the Special Meeting of Electors Question Form, available Here or from the Administration Office during normal business hours. Completed Question Forms can be returned via email to or to the Shire Administration Office and should be received at least two (2) days prior to the meeting to enable an appropriate response to be prepared.

The Meeting schedule, agenda and minutes will be available on the Shire’s website prior to the meeting.

It should be noted that masks are required to be worn indoors at the Meeting and the Town Hall has a capacity limit of 150 people in the current Stage 2 COVID-19 Restrictions. These may be subject to change closer to the Meeting date in accordance with State Directives.

Any queries in relation to the Meeting can be directed to Vanessa Green, Council & Executive Support Officer, on (08) 9641 0500 or


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