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Published on Tuesday, 19 October 2021 at 9:51:10 AM

Since Containers for Change started one year ago, the York refund point has processed an impressive 1,161,515 containers, keeping them out of landfill and off our beautiful streets.

This equates to $116,151 back to the people of York.

This compares with the City of Perth who processed just 5,561,538 containers.  Perth has a population ten times that of York, and yet they only processed 5 times the amount York did. 

That makes us twice as good!

Other good news since the program started is that the Economic Regulation Authority has reported that beverage companies are doing the right thing and have not unreasonably raised drink prices because of the container deposit scheme.

In order to return and recycle containers and get the 10-cent refund at the Maxwell Street refund point, visitors and residents need to sign up for a Containers for Change scheme ID, which allows refunds to be paid directly into their bank account. Alternatively, people can use the scheme ID of their preferred charity or community group to directly donate their refund.

All containers marked with the "10c refund" branding can be returned.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


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