YORKIND – Community Support Program Re-Launched

Published on Sunday, 13 March 2022 at 3:32:26 PM

At the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, the Shire launched YORKIND to provide support and advice to residents during a period of uncertainty and confusion.

With Covid-19 now in our community, the Shire is again activating the program to provide a connection between those wanting to help and those at high risk of being affected by COVID-19.

 Shire President Cr Denese Smythe explains “A number of individuals and active community groups have contacted me to express concern for our more vulnerable residents who would be impacted most by the social isolation measures.  It was clear that many people wanted to help and we see this program as an opportunity for the Shire to coordinate people able to help, with those most needing help”.

Both community helpers and those who are vulnerable and needing assistance can register easily via an online form on the Shire’s website and Facebook page or by calling our dedicated YORKIND Helpline on 0460 039 935.   The forms enable community helpers to indicate how they can help – whether it’s helping someone with their grocery shopping, dog walking or a simple phone call so people who are isolating feel less alone. Those identifying as vulnerable can indicate what assistance they need, and the Shire will then match them with a volunteer and details are exchanged.

Community helpers are urged to remember that COVID-19 is contagious and to take every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety. A pledge is signed by community helpers to assure confidentiality, no face to face contact and no exchange of money or credit card details takes place. Those seeking help are asked to ensure safe access to their property if needed.


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