Current Stage – Council Decision - Endorse Drafts

Following community consultation and consultation with statutory authorities, the draft Local Planning Strategy and Scheme have been developed. These documents were presented to Council on 25 June 2018 and adopted for the purposes of advertising. These documents have been forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission for approval to advertise and the Environmental Protection Agency and Heritage Council of Western Australia for comment.

Once advertised, the Shire will organise community information sessions to ensure that the planning strategy and scheme will deliver a more streamlined planning decision-making framework that achieves the aspirations of the community.

Project Information 

The Shire of York is preparing a new Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme. These planning documents provide the long term vision, goals and objectives to guide and control future land use and development in the Shire. The local planning strategy and scheme will consider land use, housing types, density, and identify locations for community and physical infrastructure to support the responsible growth of the Shire.

The Shire’s current planning scheme was first gazetted in 1996. Being over 20 years old, it requires significant review to reflect changes in the planning system put in place by the state government.

The local planning strategy and scheme support Council’s Strategic Community Plan, 2016. They will help Council and the community implement key community aspirations of the Strategic Community Plan through the planning and development framework.

A key objective of the project is to engage with the community and other key stakeholders throughout the project. Engagement and consultation throughout the project will tell us how well the local planning strategy and scheme adequately capture and support community aspirations expressed in the Strategic Community Plan.