Donations To The Museum Collection

The Residency Museum seeks to collect, document and conserve objects that record the history, culture and natural environment of the Shire of York with interpretation of the collection promoting education, enjoyment and community participation.

Because the museum that has elastic walls has not yet been invented, the Residency Museum cannot collect everything. In order to collect objects with the highest significance and to ensure the relevance of the collection, objects are accepted only in accordance with the Collecting Policy.

Each potential donation is very carefully assessed and decisions are made by the Curator and Museum Committee. The more background information that can be provided about a potential donation, the better.

Ordinary objects that have interesting links to local people and places are usually more significant than the same item without information.

We would love to see potential donations but please do not leave objects on the Museum doorstep as we cannot accept any item without the correct paperwork being undertaken to transfer legal ownership from the donor to the Museum.

Curator Katie Benfield
Phone / Fax 9641 1751

If you get the answering machine please DO leave a message and forgive us for not being there all the time.