Hands On Activities

Hands On Activities Interspersed throughout the whole Museum are a great range of hands-on activities ranging from ‘quiet’ to ‘active’ and all suitable for families to do together. Each activity is linked to an exhibition area so that adults can help children understand the displays whilst having lots of fun.

There are dress-ups, quizzes, croquet on the lawn and art activities, all suitable for families to do together or also very suitable for schools and youth groups, eg Guides.

General And Outdoor Activities

Croquet on the Lawn

Make your own Sand Picture

Horeseshoe Game

Room 1 Activities

Aboriginal Art Jigsaw Puzzle

Samuel Burges' Chest

Spin The Drums

Convict Feelybox

Room 2 Activities

Furry Mystery Quiz

Animal Crackers Quiz

What's My Job?

Grinding on Boya (rock)


On the Scent of Sandalwood

Room 3 Activities

Minnie Taylor's Shopping Basket

Making Music

Make a Victorian Christmas card

Room 4 Activities

Butter making

Kitchen Snap game

Victorian Photographer's Studio

Make your own Willow Pattern Plate