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Contemporary Collecting - COVID 19 YORK

Help our collection initiative!

It would be hard to find anyone in York who has not been affected in some way by the COVID 19 emergency.

We want to capture this historic moment with all its challenges, reflective moments, fears, strains, humour, absurd moments and creative endeavours.

We want to make sure that your voice is captured and collect as many everyday experiences as possible.

Send us your story, photos or video of your experiences with COVID 19.


State Heritage Awards Acoladeshe Residency Museum is celebrating two accolades in the 2014 State Heritage Awards.

The Museum was awarded a High Commendation in the category ‘outstanding contribution to heritage by a community-based organization’.

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Museum volunteer and Relief Curator Samantha Good was a finalist in the category ‘outstanding voluntary contribution to heritage by an individual’.

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High Commendation in the category Outstanding Contribution to Heritage by a Community-Based Organization.      Samantha Good was a finalist in the category - Outstanding Voluntary Contribution to Heritage by an Individual