School Visits

School tours aim to provide a high quality and memorable learning experience for students, teachers and support staff. Students will journey through York’s history, discovering relevant topics that will help them to acquire the Historical Skills and Knowledge underpinning the National Curriculum framework for History.

Planning a School Visit

Residency Museum Emergency Response Plan

For a copy of the Residency Museum Emergency Response Plan please see below. A copy of the layout diagram for the building is available upon request.

Emergency Response Plan

Public Liability Insurance

For a copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate please email

Australian Curriculum: History Learning Requirements

For more detail about how the Residency Museum can fulfil your Australian Curriculum: History learning requirements please see below.

Overview Years 1-6 Australia Curriculum: History

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Residency Museum Worksheets

Each Year notes indicate worksheets that may be useful for teachers, click on the links below to download worksheets

Outdoor And General Worksheets

Make your own Museum Display

Museum Detective 1

Museum Detective 2

Museum Maths 1

Object search

Noongar Garden Walk

Room 1 Worksheets

Aboriginal Tools

Ballardong Country


Convicts' Food

Early Settlement 1

Early Settlement 2

Early Settlement 3

Room 2 Worksheets

Children's Toys

Tools Task


Room 3 Worksheets

Bush Picnic Comparisons

Bush Picnic Comparisons 2

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards 2



Everyday Lives

House Comparisons 1

House Comparisons 2

House Comparisons 2 Junior

House Comparisons 3

In Leisurely Style

Life on the Reserve retrieval chart

Lorna's Story

Lorna's Story 2

Picnic Activities

The Reserve and Lorna's Story

The Taylors' Christmas Day

Room 4 Worksheets

Kitchen Tools

What's Under the Floor Booklet for Room 4 Kitchen

General York Townsite Worksheets

Avon Terrace - North/South

York Park Comparison

York Sketch Comparison

Avon Terrace Timeline

Binformation Challenge Worksheet

Binformation Challenge Question and Answers

Binformation Challenge Map

York Historic Buildings Compare and Contrast

Local Area Photographic Study