Population Forecast

The 2006 Census, states York had a population of 3,117 persons and in 2011, a population of 3,395 persons, which equates to a growth of 1.7%.

WA Tomorrow published in February 2012 by the Department of Planning forecasts by 2026, York will have a population of:

Population Forecast

Band A contains the lowest simulations. Band E has the highest simulations. The forecast for Band C is also the median value for all forecasts as it is the middle band.

The Band C forecast is comparable with the previous WA Tomorrow (2005) publication. It is expected that there will be very significant population growth in York. The average annual growth rate (AAGR) for Band C is 2.6%. This compares with a lowest change rate of 1.8% and a high of 3.3%.

The York AAGRs are considerably higher than the Australian experience. By WA standards they can be considered to be very good growth. It is anticipated that the majority of migration to York will be from intrastate.

The Wheatbelt Development Commission’s Sub-Regional Economic Strategy (2012) estimated York’s residential population at 3,688 persons in 2011, which is 14.1% higher than the estimated 3,233 residents in 2001, which represents some 13.5% of the total Avon sub-region, and is the third largest LGA population behind Northam (11,516) and Toodyay (4,767).

The economic analysis undertaken in the Super Towns planning justifies a sub-regional population of 50,000 by 2030 subject to favourable economic conditions.

Analysis of individual communities’ existing capacity to grow as well as their competitive advantage has resulted in a proposed population distribution of 7,000 residents in York (equating to an annual growth rate of 6.6%).

WA Tomorrow Series (2012) – Local Government Areas