Future York Heavy Haulage Route York project update community consultation

Published: Friday, 11 August 2017 at 4:42:08 PM

Future York Heavy Haulage Route / York Bypass Project Update Community Consultation

Study Overview:

Main Roads, in collaboration with the Wheatbelt Development Commission and the Shire of York is undertaking a planning study to identify a future heavy haulage route for York. The study is needed to ensure road and town infrastructure is planned well in advance to meet future community and industry needs.

Project Benefits:

The heavy haulage route will improve road network reliability, safety and amenity to the local community by reducing heavy haulage movements through the growing town of York.

York has become a hub for tourism and a lifestyle destination in the Avon Valley. Residential, heritage buildings and tourism are being impacted, and will continue to be impacted, by increased heavy haulage movements.

A heavy haulage route around York will:

Create a more vibrant town centre for tourists and residents
Encourage future growth of light industry and job creation
Improve safety in and around York, and on the Chidlow York Road
Protect and enhance the historic character and buildings of York
Provide a high standard, free flowing route for heavy traffic. 

Study Timing:

Planning studies typically encompass a 20-30 year timeframe, which can change subject to various social and economic factors.

There is currently no funding to construct the York Heavy Haulage Bypass Route however, this planning study will ensure a road reservation can ultimately be set aside so that stakeholders (including landowners) can be provided with certainty for the future.

Study Constraints and Opportunities:

There are a number of constraints and challenges to be considered in planning for this future route, including managing impacts around:

River crossings, including the Avon River and its tributaries.
Historically significant areas (York town centre, Blandstown, Balladong and Hillside Farms)
Congested town site with narrow roads and shops close to the edge of the road
Current and future land use
Cultural and environmental values
Existing road network and interface
Rail network and crossings
Safety concerns on the Chidlow York Road
Future heavy vehicles usage
Constructability including terrain, contours and geotechnical conditions.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement:

‘Drop In’ Sessions were held in December 2016 and March 2017 and we engaged with approximately 40 community members regarding the project.  Around this time we also had discussions with Gilmac, CBH, Public Transport Authority and Water Corporation.

A Community Forum, designed to gain input from the community regarding the need for a future bypass and feedback on the potential alignment was held at the York Recreation Centre on 29 May 2017. The forum was advertised on local radio, in the local newspaper, via posters in the town and through invitations sent to all mail boxes in York. Fourteen community members attended the forum.

The community confirmed that there is need for a future bypass and provided feedback on the evaluation criteria that the alignments were considered against. Feedback was also given on the several identified alignments.


All options shown below have been considered against a range of safety, social, economic, heritage, environmental and constructability criteria. This included four options between CBH and the Chidlow York Road and three options between CBH and York Quairading Road that cross the river.

The assessment identified Option 1 as the preferred option which was also supported by the feedback from community consultation.

With the river crossings, the assessment identified both Option B and C as preferred. Option B is shorter with fewer impacts on the environment while Option C scores higher on safety, efficiency and constructability criteria. Feedback from the community consultation was also mixed.

York Bypass Selection Criteria

York Bypass Option 1,2,3,4

York Bypass Overall Layout

Potentially Affected Landowners:

We understand that these options could potentially impact a wide range of landowners. Comment from all landowners regarding impacts of these potential options is sought as part of the decision to identify the preferred option. Once a preferred option has been identified, landowners will still have the opportunity to meet with Main Roads to further discuss any concerns.

Your Feedback:

The final decision on the alignment will be determined by the State Government following the nomination of a preferred option by the Shire of York.

As part of this decision, Council will consider all feedback provided by the community and stakeholders to date, and are now providing another opportunity for submissions which closes 1 September 2017.

Submissions and any feedback on this proposal should be made in writing and addressed to:

Heavy Haulage Route - Shire of York
1 Joaquina Street, York WA 6302
PO Box 22, York WA 6302

Please contact Elizabeth Davies, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Main Roads Wheatbelt Region on (08) 9622 4703 or elizabeth.davies@mainroads.wa.gov.au for further information on the project.


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