Council provides a licencing service through the Department of Transport. Licencing can be processed at Council’s Administration Office on Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm sharp.

  • Licence renewals and transfers for cars, motorcycles, mopeds, caravans, trailers, buses, trucks, road trains, tractors, mobile cranes, forklifts, earthmovers, mobile farm implements and other vehicles.
  • Boat registrations and renewals.
  • Farm Licence.
  • Custom and Special Series Licence plates are available which give you the choice of style, wording and numbering for your car number plates.
  • Drivers Licences.
  • Temporary Permits.

Drivers Licence Bookings

Drivers licence testing is also available which include, Hazard Perception Tests (HPT) and Computerised Theory Testing (CTT). Bookings are essential for all Practical Driving Assesments (PDA).

A qualified Assessor (up to LR)  is available in York every second Wednesday.

All bookings must be made online via the DOT Licensing Website.

Please direct all general enquiries to the Department of Transport on 13 11 56.

Pay Online

Click on the link below and the following types of accounts can be paid:

  • Vehicle Registrations (light and heavy)
  • Vehicle Transfers
  • Vehicle Transfer Infringements
  • Vehicle Transfer Final Demands
  • Plate Infringements
  • Plate Final Demands
  • Boat Registrations

Pay Online Licensing


The Shire of York Customer Service Officers can be contacted on (08) 9641 2233 who will be happy to assist you.

Examination Centre

The following centre is authorised to examine your vehicle, please remember though that if your vehicle is currently not licenced you will be required to obtain a temporary permit prior to driving your vehicle.

  • MAL Automotives - 9641 2000