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Bush Fire Response Plan Information 

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Spontaneous Volunteers

Over the last twelve (12) months, The Shire of York has been working through the recent Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws and how they are interpreted across the Shire’s wide range of Workers and Volunteers.

We wish to remind Volunteers that whilst there is no specific reference to Spontaneous Volunteers in the Bushire Act, Emergency Management Act or Fire & Emergency Services Act, a “Spontaneous Volunteer” means a person who is not a Registered Bush Fire Brigade Volunteer but choses to engage in volunteer activities on a fireground.

What happens when a Spontaneous Volunteer wants to assist on a fire ground? 

The fire ground is a high-risk environment.  Registered Volunteers are asked to not to issue instructions to Spontaneous Volunteers on the fire ground.

The Incident Controller needs to take steps to ensure that no participation instructions are issued to a Spontaneous Volunteer.

Spontaneous Volunteers that choose to remain on the fire ground do so at their own risk.

Insurance for private vehicles during mobilisation

Registered Volunteers that mobilise private vehicles to a fire or to investigate a potential fire (if they are discharging their duties under the Bushfire Act) will be covered under the Shire of York’s insurance policies. Like any insurance, this will be subject to the specifics of the incident e.g., road rules being followed etc.

Responding as a Registered Volunteer means that you are required to comply with the normal practices, procedures, and safety requirements e.g., wearing appropriate PPE and footwear as outlined in the mandatory training.