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Harvest Bans

For further information on harvest bans, please contact the Community Emergency Services Manager on 0427 057 719.

Bush Fires Act 1954 - Prohibited Burning Period

It is hereby notified that the Prohibited Burning Period commences on 7 November to all areas of the Shire of York until midnight on the 15th February annually unless extended. This means No Fires Allowed.

For further information please contact the York Shire Ranger on 0417 181 349 or the Community Emergency Services Manager on 0427 057 719

To find out if a ban has been imposed you can call the Shire of York's Fire Weather Hotline on 9641 2819 and listen to the recorded message, check the Shire of York social media platforms, check out the DFES website, call the Community Emergency Services Manager on 0427 057 719 or the Shire Ranger on 0417 181 349.

Harvest and Movement Bans

During the summer months, Harvest and Movement Bans maybe imposed and it is your responsibility to find out if a Ban is in place. To be notified of current Harvest and Movement Bans, please register with the SMS Harvest Ban Notification Service. To do this, please text message your name & Shire to the Community Emergency Services Manager on 0427 057 719 or email

Alternatively, you may obtain up-to-date information on Fire and Harvest Bans by calling the Harvest Ban Hotline (Fire Weather Hotline) on: 9641 2819 and a pre-recorded message will inform you. 

ABC Local Radio will also have three tune-in times for listeners to hear harvest bans at 10.05am, 12.35pm and 2.05pm on air.

Please note, there is a Total Harvest Ban and Ban on Movement of Vehicles in Paddocks on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day every year.