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Earthquake & Seismic Activity Design

Sites within York and the surrounding localities are subject to Seismic Activity.

This ranges from minor tremors that can't be felt to earthquakes that can have the potential to cause structural damage.

The last earthquake to cause major structural damage was in 1968. The most severe damage centred around the Meckering area, with more minor damage occurring in York and Perth. Evidence of around a 1.0 metre uplift in land can still be seen on the Quellington Road. There are similar areas of activity throughout Australia including Kalgoorlie and Newcastle in NSW, where most tremors cannot be felt, however larger tremors that have potential to cause structural issues can occur over longer periods of time.

In this regard buildings are required by the Building Code of Australia to comply with the following standard:

AS 1170.4-2007 Structural design actions - Earthquake actions in Australia

Certification of compliance with this standard, by a Practicing Structural Engineer, will be required for most building, with the exception of smaller metal sheds and carports, (ductile structures), that comply with the Australian Standard A.S./NZS 1170.2 Wind Actions.

Acceleration design coefficients for a particular site should be obtained by contacting the Shire Building Surveyor, prior to an Engineering Design and Certification being completed.