Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this 'Frequently Asked Questions' page is to provide answers to the questions most commonly asked by the public.

Is there anyone who removes Bees?

Contact Sydney Sirr for Bee Removal on 9643 1010 or 0429 876 653.

I've just bought a block of land. Can I build a shed, then later build my house?

No, unfortunately you can't. The Shire of York planning stipulates that people can not live in sheds whilst their home is being built. Also, they can not be used as storage yards, therefore hold your personal goods whilst the home is being built.

Do I need building approval to build my gazebo/patio/carport/shed?

Yes. A building application can be downloaded from this website, or obtained from the Shire front counter. Your application will need to be submitted and approved BEFORE any works are to commence. Approval is not required for sheds/gazebo's/outbuildings with floor areas less than 10 square metres and less than 2.4 metres in heights.

What days are 'The Tip' open?

The Shire Transfer Station is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-3pm and Sundays from 11-5pm.

Who works out how much my Rates are?

Your property is valued by the Valuer Generals Office. There are two rateable boundaries within the Shire of York. First, the Gross Rental Value Boundary (GRV) these are valued every 5 years and are based on improvements to land and secondly, the Unimproved Value (UV)- outside the GRV boundary and mainly for rural properties, these are valued every year.

The Valuer General sets the value on the property and the Shire sets the rate in the dollar.

I've noticed some street lights out. Who do I report it to?

You need to note down the pole number, street location and then call Western Power Faults on: 13 13 51. The Shire has nothing to do with maintenance on street poles.

My street needs grading/repair or reporting of unsafe conditions. Who do I tell?

It depends on the Street. The following are under Main Roads WA responsibility and any conditions or maintenance are to be reported directly to them: Great Southern Highway from the Lakes, through to Henrietta and South Avon Terrace, then down South Great Southern Highway, as well as Balladong Road, Panmure Road, York-Northam Road and York-Quairading Road.

These roads are subject to change without notice. The remaining of the roads are under the control of the Shire of York, and you can notify us by filling out an Action Request Form - available on this site or at the Shire front counter.