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Weed Spraying

Council has a weed spraying program and endeavours to keep all verges and roadsides free of weeds.

As part of the ongoing maintenance works, Council will spray, which will include footpaths, kerblines, public access ways, main open drains, rural roadside shoulders, drains and verges throughout the Shire commencing in May each year.

The chemicals that will be applied are Glyphosate (Round Up) throughout the Shire and Metsulfuron and triclopyr in the rural areas, which are of low toxicity and necessary to eradicate weeds. A blue indicator dye will be added to increase efficiency, this is non toxic. Spraying will be conducted under strict supervision and guidelines.

If you do not wish for chemicals to be used on your verge please inform Council and register your verge. We acknowledge that some residents do not wish to have areas adjacent to their property sprayed.

If you wish to have your property permanently exempted from the weed spraying and have not previously informed the Shire of York in writing please complete the Weed Eradication Exemption Form below prior to the 1st May. Further details may be obtained by contacting the Works Depot on (08) 9641 1219 or email

Note: If your verge is registered and not maintained the Shire will spray to reduce fire risk without notice