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Planning Your Event in York

In the Shire of York, we pride ourselves on offering a year-round diverse and dynamic range of events to suit all ages, demographics and interests. The area has a number of hirable buildings, reserves and open spaces to suit a range of event requirements. We just need you and your event!

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What is an Event?

An event can generally be described as a “pre-arranged gathering or activity for a common entertainment, leisure or competitive purpose”. The objectives of events may include offering the community a range of social, cultural and health benefits, and may also deliver economic benefits by way of encouraging tourist visitation and local spend.
Events range across a diverse spectrum, from sport, entertainment, environment and cultural experiences, to markets and community enjoyment activities. Events can be hosted in a private or public venue or an adapted public open space. Events can also be commercial ventures, fundraisers or free events open to the public.

Making an Event Application 

Before you get started on your event application:

What's Next?

  • Your event application is reviewed by the Shire events team. A staff member will contact you to advise of the next steps in the event approvals process and if any further documents are required to assess your application.

Frequently Used Forms

Event Application

Stallholder Application (Food and Food Products)

Stallholder Application (Non Food Products)

Permit to Consume Alcohol

Venue Hire Form

Shire Resources

Public Events in York Guide

C5 Events in York Policy 

Useful Resources 

Concerts and Mass Gathering Guidelines

Traffic Management for Events- Code-of-Practice