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Effluent Disposal

Council has available a sewerage pond for waste disposal and this can be used with the Council's approval. Council has in place procedures for use of the ponds please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer John Coles for further information.

Septic Tanks & ATU's

Although the sewage system is available to a small percentage of properties, most of the Shire still relies on septic tanks and leach drains, together with various ATU systems for the disposal of household effluent, it is important that all new installations are approved by Council.

There is a variety of apparatus now approved for use within Western Australia by the Health Department of Western Australia. Information and details of different systems and what is best suited for York can be obtained from Council's Environmental Health Officer.

Onsite Effluent Disposal Policy

Effluent Application & Plumber's Declaration


For a complete list of all our available Environmental Health forms, click the link below:

View Environmental Health Forms