Community Funding

The Community Funding; Grants & Sponsorship Program provides grant financial assistance to organisations that deliver services or activities that align with the Shire's Strategic Community Plan and its social, environmental and /or economic benefits to the Shire of York community.

*pictured ;2019 York Swimming Club  funding to attend Country Pennants 

Funding Types

The Shire of York offers three levels of funding:

  • Minor: under $2,000 including in kind waiver requests
  • Major: $2,001 - $10,000; provision of financial assistance to organisations that provide services or activities of a greater value than that provided under minor funding
  • Tourism: $10,001+: assistance to fund and attract year-round events to the region that result in significant visitor numbers, tourism spend and destination attraction. *Applications of this nature will be referred to Council’s  C4 Sponsorship of Tourism Events Policy

Where value in kind and waiver of fees is requested, a dollar value will be place on the assistance and costed to the project amount total.


Grant rounds are offered twice yearly, usually in April and October for a minimum application period of four weeks. Rounds are advertised via the Shire's social media platforms, website, local newsprint and media release. Applications cannot be considered through the community funding program application process outside the submission period.

Potential applicants are encouraged to read the Community Funding Grants & Sponsorship Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

What's Next?

All applications received are assessed for;

Eligible applications are presented to Council for consideration at the next available Ordinary Council Meeting. Following Council's meeting, you will be notified of the outcome of your application and;

  • provided with a reason why your application was not approved or;
  • offered a grant acceptance agreement to sign and return to enable the sponsorship funds to be released. As part of your funding approval you will need to submit a  Community Funding Acquittal Form no later than 90 days following the conclusion of your approved project

    Interested applicants seeking further information should contact Esmeralda Harmer, Events and Economic Development Officer at the Shire by email  or by phoning 9641 2233.

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