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Bushfire Volunteer Firefighter WHS Training

The Shire of York is responsible for ensuring compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation which considers Volunteer Firefighters who provide a variety of services to the Shire.

The Shire requires all Volunteer Firefighters to complete the Shire’s WHS training in order to meet essential requirements for becoming a Volunteer Firefighter.

We ask that you read and complete the Volunteer Registration Form , the Medical Declaration Form and complete two (2) training modules so we can endeavour to Work Safely Together.

2022/23 Fire season mandatory requirements:

  • Completed Volunteer Registration form 
  • Completed Medical Declaration form
  • Shire of York WHS Induction and volunteer Fire Brigade WHS induction (online) - approx. 30 mins
  • Bushfire Safety Awareness (or equivalent)

All Volunteers will need to meet the mandatory training requirements for the 2022/23 fire season.  Ongoing training and development will continue for future fire seasons. 

The Shire of York has scheduled days for completing the One (1) Day training course.  These will be held by our  Community Emergency Services Manager (CESM), Troy Granville


  1. Volunteer Registration form
  2. Medical Declaration form
  3. Shire of York WHS Induction and volunteer Fire Brigade WHS induction (online)
  4. Register for One (1) day training course – contact Troy Granville on 0427 057 719.