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Prohibited Burning

Prohibited Burning Periods

Commences - 15 November 

Ceases - 15 February unless period has been extended.

Very High/Severe/Extreme Or Catastrophic Fire Danger Burning Prohibited

No burning whatsoever is permitted on days of Very High, Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger or where wind speed exceeds 20 km/hour, including incinerators, on prohibited burning periods of very high, severe, extreme or catastrophic fire danger, except for gas appliances.

The following fire precautions and prohibitions shall be observed by any person involved in performing any of the following activity:

  1. cooking or camp fires in open air (other than established home barbecues) are prohibited during the prohibited burning time without written permission from the Council or its authorised officer;
  2. the use of angle grinders and metal cutting/welding equipment is prohibited out of doors in very high or extreme fire danger during the prohibited burning time;
  3. when angle grinders and metal cutting/welding equipment is being used between 1 September and 31 May each year there shall be a minimum 5 kilogram fire extinguisher or a fire fighting unit in working order with a minimum of 100 litres of water immediately adjacent to the work area;
  4. when harvesting is in progress owners/occupiers of land shall have a mobile fire-fighting unit in working order with a minimum of 400 litres of water in or immediately adjacent to the paddock being harvested; and
  5. all headers operating in standing crop or stubble paddocks shall carry an operational fire extinguisher of not less than 9 litre capacity;
  6. the operation of swathers, stubble balers, slashers, mechanically operated dry grass cutters, chains and portable sawmills during restricted and prohibited burning times is subject to the same fire fighting equipment requirements as for harvesting; and
  7. harvesting within the Shire of York is permitted on Sundays and Public Holidays except for Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Boxing Day, unless otherwise advertised by the Council by notice in a newspaper circulating within the district.

Harvest bans and vehicle movement bans are broadcast daily on the Shire of York Harvest Ban Hotline on 9641 2819.