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If you have lost your dog/cat please report it to Ranger Services.   Rangers will record your information and the description of the dog/cat. This information will be used to match with dogs/cats that have been impounded by Ranger Services. It is also a good idea to contact vets in your area. 

If you have found a dog/cat within the Shire,  contact Ranger Services. If the dog/cat has a Shire of York registration tag please provide the number. If a dog/cat has no identification you can contact Ranger Services to arrange for the dog to be picked up by the Ranger and impounded.

Please note Rangers will not pick up a dog if no one is home.

Date Animal Details Location found Photo Outcome
12 September 2023 Male Kelpie approx 1 year old Ulster Road, on 7/9/23 at 5.30pm Owner found