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Local Heritage Survey, Heritage List & Heritage Areas 

Council at its Ordinary Meeting 25 November 2019 adopted the:

The Heritage List and Heritage Areas recognise places that are of cultural significance to the Shire and worthy of built heritage conservation under the Shire of York Town Planning Scheme No. 3.

Inclusion of a place on the State Heritage Register, heritage list or within a heritage area, provides a statutory requirement for the consideration of heritage for development of that place. Inclusion of a place in the heritage list or heritage area does not prohibit development. Instead, changes made to a place or development in a heritage area should respect and be sympathetic to the heritage values of the place. Most types of development and/or maintenance of places listed on the heritage list or heritage area require planning approval. Those places listed on the State Heritage Office of Western Australia's Register of Heritage Places also require approval from the State Heritage Office.

There are some exemptions that apply where development approval may not be needed. Any proposed development should be discussed with the Council to determine approval and application requirements.

A local planning policy setting out guidelines for development in heritage areas and places on the heritage list has been adopted.

The heritage list and heritage areas as adopted by Council, identifies each place by name and address only and does not include any other data. More information on heritage listed properties is contained within the Local Heritage Survey, or LHS (see below).

Local Heritage Survey

The Local Heritage Survey (LHS) - previously Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) - is an ongoing database that records and provides invaluable information on heritage listed places and places of cultural heritage significance. Local governments are required under the Heritage Act 2018 to prepare and maintain a LHS to recognise the heritage importance of places to the local community.

The database records information only and does not have any statutory implications for the development of land within the Shire of York (unless the place is also identified on the State Heritage Register, heritage list or within a heritage area).

Information from the LHS database can be accessed online through the State Heritage Office's Inherit.

Heritage Advisor

Own a Heritage Building?

Did you know the Shire engages a heritage advisor who is available to provide advice and answer questions for buildings and places on its heritage list?

If you are interested in meeting with the heritage advisor to discuss future development plans or discuss conservation/maintenance of your building please contact the Council to book in a time.

Please note at this stage, the heritage advisor will visit York the first Tuesday of every month as a trial depending on demand, and may be subject to change.