In 2018/19 the Shire of York commissioned Trails consultants Common Ground to create a Trails Masterplan for the Shire of York. This was accepted in RESOLUTION 060619  Item SY082-06/19, at the June 2019 Ordinary Council meeting with Council selecting the following capital projects as high priority short term projects for implementation from the Trails Master Plan:  (a) the development of the Mt Brown Trails Network  (b) Off Road Vehicle area upgrades.

Full details can be seen here:

The Trails Maintenance Guide was developed by Common Ground as part of the Trails Masterplan, to guide remediation work on trails on Mt. Brown/Wongborel.

Flora and Fauna Reconnaissance Survey to Environmental Protection Agency  standards has been undertaken by environmental consultants DelBotanics.

A Dieback survey on Wongborel/ Mt Brown has been undertaken by Terratree Pty, a DBCA registered Dieback Interpreter,  in accordance with the FEM047 Phytophthora Dieback Interpreter’s Manual for lands managed by the Department (FEMD, 2015). 

The Survey can be seen here: Dieback Survey 

The Shire of York has entered into a Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council. A Noongar Cultural Heritage Survey of Shire owned or managed land on Wongborel/Mt Brown, Walwalying/Mt Bakewell and along the Gogulyar Bilya/Avon River to standards laid down in the NSHA has been undertaken during 2021 and the survey report can be seen here: Noongar Cultural Heritage Survey Report