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In 2018/19 the Shire of York commissioned Trails consultants Common Ground to create a Trails Masterplan for the Shire of York. This was accepted in RESOLUTION 060619  Item SY082-06/19, at the June 2019 Ordinary Council meeting with Council selecting the following capital projects as high priority short term projects for implementation from the Trails Master Plan:  (a) the development of the Mt Brown Trails Network  (b) Off Road Vehicle area upgrades.

Full details can be seen here:

The Trails Maintenance Guide was developed by Common Ground as part of the Trails Masterplan, to guide remediation work on trails on Mt. Brown/Wongborel. A further, more detailed stage of Trails planning has been developed in the Trails Concept Plan.

Flora and Fauna Reconnaissance Survey to Environmental Protection Agency  standards has been undertaken by environmental consultants DelBotanics.

A Dieback survey on Wongborel/ Mt Brown has been undertaken by Terratree Pty, a DBCA registered Dieback Interpreter,  in accordance with the FEM047 Phytophthora Dieback Interpreter’s Manual for lands managed by the Department (FEMD, 2015). 

The Survey can be seen here: Dieback Survey 

The Shire of York has entered into a Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council. A Noongar Cultural Heritage Survey of Shire owned or managed land on Wongborel/Mt Brown, Walwalying/Mt Bakewell and along the Gogulyar Bilya/Avon River to standards laid down in the NSHA has been undertaken during 2021 and the survey report can be seen here: Noongar Cultural Heritage Survey Report