Municipal Heritage Inventory & Heritage List Review

Current Stage - Draft Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List

The preliminary consultation phase involving seeking nominations to be made for new places and information to be submitted to inform the review has ended. A draft Local Heritage Survey (updated term for Municipal Heritage Inventory), Heritage List & Heritage Areas (updated term for Heritage Precincts) and amended Local Planning Policy has now been formulated and is in the process of being presented to Council to adopt for the purposes of public advertising.

Project Information

The Shire of York is currently undertaking a review of the Municipal Heritage Inventory and Heritage List. The Municipal Heritage Inventory is a list of places, that in the opinion of the local authority are or may become culturally heritage significant. The Shire of York’s current Municipal Heritage Inventory was adopted at Ordinary Council Meeting 22 September 2008, recognising 145 places or buildings of local cultural heritage significance and two heritage precincts including a further 69 places.

Places which are considered as having cultural heritage significance and worthy of built heritage conservation can be included on a Heritage List or within a Heritage Area, adopted under a local planning scheme, which can provide a statutory basis for the consideration of heritage during development of that place.  

Further information on the Municipal Heritage Inventory and Heritage List review and FAQ’s is available here. If you would like to be placed on the consultation list to be notified at key points in the review process please contact the Shire.