Local Heritage Survey, Heritage List & Heritage Areas Review 

Current Stage – 3 – Draft Local Heritage Survey, Heritage List, Heritage Areas & Local Planning Policy: Heritage Conservation & Development  

Council at its Ordinary Meeting 29 July 2019 adopted the draft Local Heritage Survey, Heritage List, Heritage Areas and revised Local Planning Policy: Heritage Conservation and Development for consultation. The draft documents were publicly advertised, inviting submissions to be made until the 19 September 2019.

Draft 2019 Local Heritage Survey

Heritage List & Heritage Areas 

Draft LPP Heritage Conservation and Development

The Shire is currently reviewing submissions, and will present the submissions to Council to consider before Council determines to either adopt the documents, with or without modification, or not to adopt.

Project Information

The Heritage Act 2018 requires each local authority to adopt a Local Heritage Survey, which is a list of places, that in the opinion of the local authority are or may become culturally heritage significant. Places and areas which have cultural heritage significance and are worthy of built heritage conservation can be included on a Heritage List or within a Heritage Area, adopted under a local planning scheme, which provides a statutory basis for the consideration of heritage conservation during development of that place

The Shire of York’s current Municipal Heritage Inventory (now called Local Heritage Survey by the Heritage Act 2018) was adopted at Ordinary Council Meeting 22 September 2008, recognising 145 places or buildings of local cultural heritage significance (including two heritage precincts including a further 69 places).

The Shire of York is currently undertaking a review of its Municipal Heritage Inventory, Heritage List and Heritage Areas.

Further information on the Local Heritage Survey, Heritage List and Heritage Areas is available here and on the Council minutes 29 July 2019.

If you would like to be placed on the consultation list to be notified at key points in the review process please contact the Shire.