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Agenda Settlement Briefing's

Agenda Settlement Briefing's are held the Monday before the Ordinary Council meeting.

AGENDA Settlement Briefing

Notes from Agenda Settlement Briefing


Procedures for Deputations

  • Public Question Time will not be held during the Agenda Settlement Briefing.
  • Deputation requests are to be approved by the Presiding Member and must relate to matters listed in the Agenda of the Settlement Briefing.
  • A person wanting to make more than one deputation must lodge a request with the Presiding Member by 4.00pm the Friday before the Settlement Briefing.
  • A maximum time of 10 minutes per Agenda item is provided. Where there is more than one person speaking for or against an item, the timeframe will be reduced accordingly.
  • Groups of people with the ‘same interest’ are encouraged to elect one ‘spokesperson’ to speak on behalf of the group.

Download Deputation Form here