As part of its commitment to the health and wellbeing of residents, the Shire maintains a well-equipped gymnasium located within the Recreation Centre, near the bowling greens. The gym is un-manned, therefore there has no First-aider on site. Because of this, the following is required to become a member.

  1. Residents  with an existing or known medical condition must first see their doctor for a letter stating they are fit and able enough to use gym equipment.
  2. The Shire will provide contact details of a local qualified professional, who will take you through our gym and induct you on use of the equipment. (Or alternatively you can provide a letter from your previous gym, stating you are competent in the use of all)
  3. When you have  the  induction certification from the personal trainer and, if required, the letter from your doctor, please come into the Shire office to complete the necessary membership forms and payment. Our customer service officers will then issue you with an active keychain fob to access the gym.

Gymnasium Membership Form (including Fees)

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