The York Residency Museum

The Residency Museum is located in Brook Street near the Old York Hospital.

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York Residency Museum

Residency Museum closed for works from January 2021

From Tuesday 12 January the Residency Museum will be closed until further notice for remedial works to strengthen the building and chimneys against earthquakes and other natural hazards.

The work is being done as part of the Earthquake Building Mitigation project. The Shire of York as a project partner with GeoScience Australia, the University of Adelaide and the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage is taking Earthquake Mitigation research forward through a grant of $110k from Dept. Planning, Lands and Heritage, match–funded by the Shire. This is a pilot project for the broader application of remedial building techniques recommended by the researchers.
The Museum is expected to be closed for a minimum of 6 months.