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Register of Declaration of Interests

Shire of York Register of Declarations of Interests

The Register of Declarations contains disclosures of interests that have been made by Elected members and employees at Shire of York Council Meetings, Committee Meetings and Briefing Sessions, in accordance with s5.60 of the Local Government Act 1995

Interests that need to be declared include financial interests, proximity interests and interest that may affect impartiality.

The Shire’s register contains disclosures made since 1 January 2020 and will be updated on a monthly basis.  Any disclosures made prior to 1 January 2020 are contained in hard copy Interest Registers that are available for public inspection during the Administrations opening hours.

Details of disclosures are also recorded in the minutes of the various Council and Committee meetings, which are also available on the Shire’s website.

Declaration of Interests - 2020

Declaration of Interests - 2021

Declaration of Interests - 2022