Bizarre Gazzard - Australia's Funniest Hypnotist

Past Event

Bizarre Gazzard - Comedy Hypnotist

Internationally recognized Comedian/ Hypnotist Bizarre Gazzard has wasted no time in making a name for himself around the world.

​Combining music, costumes, comedy and props this is a must see show where the only people having a better time than the audience are the volunteers themselves. These are the real stars of the night. Not only will you laugh, gasp and roar; the Bizarre Gazzard promises, ‘you will believe’! Supported by W.A ‘s own magician Steve Silk.

Tickets available

  • online at 
  • The Flourmill Cafe, 10 Henrietta St, York, Open Wed - Sun
  • Everlastings on Fitzgerald, 168 Fitzgerald St, Northam

Ticket enquiries - 0451 067 867

Event Details

Time: 7pm

Venue: York Town Hall, 81 Avon Terrace, York


Contact: The Bizarre Gazzard Stage Hypnotist

Organisation: The Bizarre Gazzard Stage Hypnotist

Event Date(s)

  • Friday 24th November 2017