ACROD Parking - Community Awareness Campaign

Published on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 5:50:55 PM

The ACROD Parking Program supports people with severe mobility restrictions and people who are legally blind to access the community via designated parking bays.   Recently, Council approved the recommendation of the Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee to undertake a month long ACROD Parking Bay Community Awareness campaign in York.  The campaign spreads the message that ACROD bays are not just blue symbols painted on a car bay, they represent real people with real stories. It highlights the impact that parking in a bay without a permit can have on someone’s day.

The Shire is joining forces with the National Disability Service (NDS) to help educate people about the correct use of ACROD parking bays. A campaign titled This Bay is Someone’s Day: Park Right Day and Night will launch in York in September to focus on the impact that parking illegally in an ACROD bay can have on someone’s day.

 Shire President Cr Denese Smythe said ACROD bays are an important service offered to those with a disability.

More than 90,000 West Australians with severe mobility restrictions have an ACROD permit. Parking in an ACROD bay without a permit can restrict a person’s independence and stop them going about their day,” Cr Smythe said.

 ACROD bays around the Shire will feature eye-catching road stickers reminding drivers that ‘This Bay is Someone’s Day’ and ‘Park Right, Day and Night’.

 The State Government has increased on-the-spot fines for illegally parking in an ACROD bay from $300 to $500. Court imposed penalties have also increased from $2,000 to $5,000.

 The Shire is one of 25 local governments across WA supporting this campaign, in partnership with the RAC and the Department of Communities. For more information, contact or phone 9641 0500.


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