Published on Wednesday, 6 January 2021 at 1:38:21 PM

On January 26, The Shire of York will invite members of York to come together to reflect, respect and celebrate – because we’re all part of the story.

Cr Denese Smythe, Shire President said Australia Day 2021 will provide an important opportunity for York to reflect on the challenges of the past year, respect the sacrifices and contributions of those who responded in a time of need and celebrate being together and being Australian.

“In the past year Australia has faced immense challenges – drought, bushfire, floods and the coronavirus pandemic,” Cr Smythe said.  " The York community demonstrated kindness and empathy to ensure that our residents and our business community were protected and supported during the Coronavirus crisis time". 

“Australia Day 2021 is a day for us to respect and thank the first responders and frontline workers who worked through fire, flood and pandemic to protect life and property, to support their communities and to keep our nation going. We reflect on the resilience of communities and the spirit of helping, giving and supporting that defines us as Australians."

“And we celebrate our nation’s place in the world – a proud multicultural nation built on shared values that allow us to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that other nations aspire to.”

Cr Smythe said Australia Day is also a day to reflect on our nation’s past – a history which began more than 65,000 years ago with the First Australians – the world’s oldest living culture.

“It is also a day on which we respect and share the stories, histories and contributions of everyday Australians, because we’re all part of the story of Australia.” Official Australia Day celebrations in the Shire of York include events at Forrest Oval and York Memorial Swimming Pool. 

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