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SEARTG Information

SEARTG Information

The South East Avon Regional Transition Group is a collaborative approach to the Local Government structural reform process as a follow up to the highly successful and industry recognised SEAVROC partnership.

The Regional Transition Group is currently undertaking business planning to quantify, analyse and assess the potential for a merger of all or some of the members as an acknowledgement of sustainability priorities and principles, changing regional and funding methods to ensure protection of identity and local service delivery and to provide governance at the local level.

This group of Local Governments has been and will continue to be proactive in resource sharing, partnerships, collaboration and co-operation to provide local and regional benefits for our communities.

Together the five Shires cover an area of 9,319 sq kms, have road lengths of 3,777 kms, combined rate revenus of $8,788,717, total revenue of $25,118,694 and employ 124 staff.

The RTG has received significant funding from the Government for Forward Capital Plans, Asset Management Plans, Community Strategic Plans, 10 Year Financial Plans and the Structural Reform Business Plan.

Consultants approved and accredited by the Department of Local Government have undertaken all of the above tasks and final documentation is expected in March 2012 after which each individual Local Government will determine the next steps, if any, in the structural reform process.

Click on the links below to visit the other Shire websites and view what the rest of the region has to offer.

Shire of Beverley

Shire of Cunderdin

Shire of Quairading

Shire of Tammin

Various documents relating to the Regional Transition Group and the Structural Reform are available online as listed below and further information will be provided as it becomes available:

Revised Regional Business Plan - Future State

Revised Regional Busienss Plan - Executive Summary

SEARTG - Rating Study Review

Service Delivery Plans -

Office of the Chief Executive Services

Corporate Services Division

Development Division

Financial Services Division

Engineering Services

Health & Building Services Division

Potential Amalgamation Fact Sheet

For Further Information You May Contact:

Dominic Carbone Executive Officer, SEARTG

Dominic Carbone Executive Officer, SEARTG Information
Phone 08 9472 0184
Mobile 0448 120 652

Darryl Richards Chairman, SEARTG / President, Shire Of Quairading

Darryl Richards Chairman, SEARTG / President, Shire Of Quairading Information
Phone 08 9645 4240
Mobile 0429 454 211

Ray Hooper Chief Executive Officer, Shire Of York

Ray Hooper Chief Executive Officer, Shire Of York Information
Phone 08 9641 2233
Mobile 0427 412 202