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Your Council

Council's Mission, Vision And Values

The York Shire Council is committed to providing a high quality service to the community of York. Council staff can provide you with a vast array of information and will assist with professional expertise whenever possible.

Should you be unable to locate the information that you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Officers who are available to assist with your enquiries by telephoning (08) 9641 2233 or visit the Administration Office at 1 Joaquina Street, York which is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Or, if you wish to contact us by email, please go to the Contact Us section on the home page.

Your Council has adopted a Vision, Mission Statement and Values which guides it's decision making process.

Mission Statement

To Build on our History

To Create our Future

Our Vision

Community, Councillors and Council staff all contributed to the vision and stated that they wanted the Shire of York to be:

  • A proud community, which values and preserves its history, heritage, rural character and country lifestyle.
  • A cohesive and vibrant community, respecting diversity and working together with a strategic vision.
  • A friendly and safe place with strong community spirit.
  • An economically strong community, with growth in employment, businesses, agriculture and tourism.
  • A place with easy access to a full range of social services, including medical, education, and law and order.
  • A unique and beautiful place, attractive to residents, businesses and visitors – a town where people can come to learn and experience different things, away from the City.
  • A place with hope for the next generation, where heritage, the natural environment, farming and new developments are in balance.
  • A place of opportunity where our young people have a sense of what it means to belong to a community and be included.
  • A community recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its heritage, arts and crafts, and approach to tourism.
  • A Council, which provides leadership and vision, and is committed to working with all the diverse elements of the community to create a future of promise.

Our Values

The following values characterise the style, beliefs and guiding principles of the councillors and staff of the Shire of York:

  • Commitment to providing good government for the people of York, in an open and accountable way.
  • Leadership and partnership in achieving the strategic direction for York, and encouragement of leadership and empowerment within the community.
  • Cooperation, consultation, communication and cohesiveness between council and community.
  • Mutual respect between councillors, council staff and community.
  • Acknowledgement of the views of others.
  • Recognition of initiative and achievement.
  • Determination to succeed.
  • Willingness to change.
  • Customer focus in all we do.
  • Fostering responsibility, responsiveness, teamwork, caring and compassion.
  • Passion for the Shire of York.
  • Appreciating a sense of humour.