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Published on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 at 1:30:17 PM

The Shire Council and community have expressed concerns regarding the accuracy of the data collected for the 2021 Census.

The Shire has raised the matter of inaccuracies in the data collection for the 2021 Census with Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt.

RDA Wheatbelt will wait on the outcome of the upcoming webinar that WALGA is organising with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to discuss the inaccuracies in the counts. We understand this is to be held sometime in the next two (2) weeks and all local governments will be invited to participate. In addition, RDA Wheatbelt have committed to continuing to work with WALGA to explore what other measures can be taken and will seek to take these issues to the Minister.

More information on any possible impacts on the community etc may be known following that webinar and WALGA/RDA Wheatbelt’s discussions with the Minister.

The community can assist by completing a simple, anonymous survey to advise if there was a census completed for your household or not, for whatever reason.  This will enable the Shire to establish a benchmark for possible missing data.

Please complete the survey here whether you completed the census or not:

Snapshot of Australia, 2021 | Australian Bureau of Statistics




For further queries, please contact: Chris Linnell, CEO. Email:  Tel: 9641 0500

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