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Published on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 at 5:00:17 PM

The Shire run Containers for Change facility at Maxwell Road has been open for two years and has processed an impressive 2,945,805 containers, keeping them out of landfill and off our beautiful streets.  This equates to $294,580 back to the people of York.

All containers marked with the "10c refund" branding can be returned.  There are a few things that users can do to make life easier for all:

  • Remove lids and place in separate bag
  • Rinse all milk containers
  • Ensure all containers are free of dirt
  • Set up a member number (scheme ID) that lets you get refunded by EFT on the spot

Pic: Environmental Health Officer George Johnson with Containers for Change team Bonnie, James and Peter (L-R)

  • Bring your containers in manageable sized vessels – suitable for lifting by one person
  • If you are dropping of a large number of containers, be considerate of the queue and be prepared to experience longer waiting time

In order to return and recycle containers and get the 10-cent refund at the Maxwell Street refund point, visitors and residents can either accept cash (more than 825 containers requires ID, after 1500 requires signing a stat dec) or sign up for a Containers for Change scheme ID, which allows refunds to be paid directly into a bank account. Alternatively, use the scheme ID of their preferred charity or community group to directly donate their refund.

Community groups that have signed up to receive donations include:

  • River Conservation Society
  • CWA
  • York District high School
  • A1 Dog Rescue
  • St Johns
  • York Golf Club

If you or your community group would like to register for a Scheme ID, visit and follow the simple steps to create your Member number.

If you would like to bag up your containers for us to count and process later so you don’t have to wait, just make sure to mark your bag clearly with your Scheme ID, Full Name and Contact Number. Alternatively, put your details on paper inside a sealed plastic sleeve and pop that in your bag.

Thank you and keep up the good work!



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