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Published on Wednesday, 15 March 2023 at 2:02:44 PM

The York Motorcycle Festival has been running in York since 2012 and attracts huge numbers of visitors to town on the day of the festival, as well as promoting York widely in the months leading up to the festival.

With the sudden influx of crowds to York come certain challenges, particularly for local businesses. The Premier Events team that delivers the festival is inviting local business owners to meet with them on Monday 20 March at 6pm to discuss this year’s festival and share ideas to involve local businesses more and address issues raised following last year’s event.   

Ideas to discuss include:

  1. More local business involvement in the festival, supported by not putting displays in front of shops to allow for more exposure.
  2. Moving displays to South Street as well (toward Lowe Street) to space them out and create better walkways.
  3. Including a “food area” outside the courthouse on Avon Terrace with tables and chairs and umbrellas for people to use with food purchased from any venue.

The meeting is taking place on Monday 20 March at 6pm in the York Town Hall.  Karen Tiedtke and Peter Woods from Premier Events and Marcus Whelan, Community and Place Coordinator from the Shire of York will be hosting the meeting.

All local businesses owners are invited to attend.

Please contact Marcus Whelan, Community and Place Coordinator on 9641 0500 or email him at if you are unable to attend but wish to have input.




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