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Notice of Corella Management

Published on Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 10:11:41 AM

The next culling will take place on 21 April 2024.

Corella numbers within the Shire’s boundaries are currently causing:

  • significant environmental damage to the Shire’s tree canopy.
  • ongoing damage to other public and private assets and infrastructure (requiring high ongoing maintenance costs).
  • diminished amenity in public spaces through ongoing fouling creating public health issues.
  • habitat pressure on the threatened black cockatoos and other birdlife.

For several years the Shire has been engaged in a corella management program to reduce the impact of these invasive and highly damaging pest species.

In conjunction with CBH, a culling program will be conducted on 21 April at the CBH site and on other Shire owned land throughout the townsite, with Forrest Oval being a key site. The Police have been notified and residents may hear shots being fired throughout the day. 

The Shire acknowledges that culling of any wildlife is potentially distressing to some people. Unfortunately, it is a measure of last resort which must be taken to protect the larger environment, to minimise the increasing damage these species are causing throughout the community, and to reduce the pest corella population.

If you want the Shire's contractors to cull them on your property, please authorise by completing the form below.

I authorise the Shire of York/Contractors to enter my property at the above address for the purpose of culling Pigeons and or Corella's on 21 April 2024.



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