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Shire of York's Ongoing Pigeon Control Program

Published on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 at 8:51:06 AM


The Shire of York is currently engaged in an ongoing culling program for pigeons.  The culling program on pigeons will be continuing every Tuesday night until the Shire have reduced the number of pigeons to an acceptable level.

Local contractors are available to conduct pigeon culling on your property upon completion of the form below.

The Shire recognises the potential distress that culling wildlife may cause some individuals. However, this measure is deemed necessary as a last resort to safeguard the broader environment and mitigate the escalating damage caused by these species across the community.

I authorise the Shire of York/Contractors to enter my property at the above address for the purpose of culling Pigeons and or Corella's.



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