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Community Bus
Community Bus

The purpose of the bus is to provide transport for local community groups. The bus has a carrying capacity of 20 passengers without wheelchairs. The bus is housed in a shed situated at the Shire of York Depot, entrance off Wheeler Street, York. The Shire of York will ensure that the bus is serviced and refuelled.

Councils Insurance Policy provides cover for any organisation who hires the Community Bus, on the condition that the nominated driver has the necessary licence to drive the vehicle. The cover is extended to all passengers on the bus in addition to any damage to property that may belong to a third party. Where any injuries or damage to private property results from the negligence of the driver and/or passengers, no liability is accepted by Council or its insurers.

Booking Procedures

  • The Bus Hire Form is to be completed and returned prior to a booking being accepted, as well as a copy of the Drivers Licence of the Nominated Driver of the bus.
  • Any organisation outside of York hiring the bus will be required to pay a Bond on acceptance of hire.
  • The Vehicle Log Book is to be filled out by the driver and is responsible for returning the bus in a satisfactory and clean condition.
  • The Shire of York will forward the organisation/group an invoice within a month of hire.

Conditions Of Hire

  1. Driver to hold Driver's Licence Class "LR" or higher. An "F" Endorsement is necessary if the driver is receiving a reward for driving the bus.
  2. Proper control of bus and passengers to be maintained while bus on hire.
  3. Bus to be returned in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of Shire of York. (This refers to the same clean standard as when the bus was collected). If any repairs or interior cleaning is required a charge will be imposed on the group responsible for hiring the bus.
  4. No smoking on the bus.
  5. No food or beverages to be consumed on the bus.
  6. Any damage to the bus either internally or externally is to be reported to the Shire of York immediately upon return.
  7. The bus contains a First Aid Kit, located at the front of the bus.

Download Bus Hire Form/Conditions

Bus Hire Forms/Conditions