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Illegal dumping of tyres at the York Motorcross Track

Published on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 at 4:31:25 PM

In January 2022, a number of tyres were dumped at the Oliver Battista Motocross Track and we reminded the community at that time that dumping tyres is illegal.

Nearly 12 months later, and again a large number of tyres have appeared at the Motocross Track.

It seems like someone, or some organisation is having an annual clear out.   They may even be under the mistaken belief that the tyres can be used at the motocross facility. However, there are already sufficient tyres to protect areas of risk of impact and no further tyres are required.

Dumping tyres is an illegal offence carrying a maximum penalty of $62,500 for an individual and $125,000 for corporations.  The Shire will now have to pay for the removal of these tyres, using municipal funds that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Old tyres can be disposed of at the Old Quarry Road Waste Management Facility, Northam or at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.  Alternatively, if you would like to arrange for your tyres to be recycled you can contact Tyrecycle in O’Connor to get a quote for drop off Tel: 1300 829253

Local government officers are currently being authorised under Section 49A to increase the enforcement effort across Western Australia.   If you have any information regarding the recent dumping of tyres at the York Motocross,  please contact the Shire of York Environmental Health Officer in confidence on 9641 0500.



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