Draft Amended Local Planning Policy: Heritage Conservation & Development Available for Inspection

Published on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 1:22:26 PM

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of York, has prepared the abovementioned draft amended Local Local Planning Policy: Heritage Conservation & Development.

The policy applies to all development within the Heritage Areas and Places on the Heritage List, where its objectives are to: 

  • To conserve and protect places of cultural heritage significance and worthy of built heritage conservation as identified in the Shire’s Heritage List;
  • To conserve existing places identified as being of ‘exceptional’, ‘considerable’ or ‘some’ significance to the cultural heritage significance of a heritage area; and
  • To ensure that new development, including alterations and additions to existing buildings and the construction of new buildings, does not adversely impact on the cultural heritage values, significance and character of heritage places and areas.

A copy of the draft policy is available here and has been deposited at the Council offices at 1 Joaquina Street, York which will be open for inspection during office hours up to the 5 May 2021.

Submissions on the draft policy can be lodged in writing with the undersigned on or before the 5 May 2021 and should include the name and contact details of the submitter, the property affected (if applicable) and details of the submission.

Depending on the level of interest, the Shire may hold an information session to answer any questions on the draft policy. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Shire to register.


Chris Linnell

Chief Executive Officer

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