Lease Notice

Published on Wednesday, 26 May 2021 at 3:50:21 PM

Local Government Act 1995

Section 3.58 disposing of Property

It is HEREBY NOTIFIED for public information and comment that the Shire of York is intending to lease the following:

• Old Bowing Club Building & Surrounds, Part Lot 292, Forrest Street, York, to the York Early Years Hub.
• Vacant Land, Lot 3 (22) Barker Street, York, to the York Agricultural Society to develop a multi-purpose exhibition building.
• Part of Reserve 24166 (Lot 27639) and Part of Reserve 24168 (Lot 27641), Great Southern Highway, York, to the York Golf Club Inc for the purpose of Recreation (Golf Links), playing golf and uses reasonably ancillary thereto.

The Shire is inviting public comment to be made to the Shire of York in writing on or before 4.00pm, Friday 18 June 2021.

For further information, please contact Natasha Brennan at the Shire of York on 9641 0521.

Chris Linnell

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